ISU Implements New Chalk Rule

by Ryan Pattee

On Thursday November 7 Iowa State University announced a temporary limitation on what individuals can use chalk for on campus. In an email sent to all students the Iowa State University Division of Student Affairs said that all chalk on campus must now be written by a student organization and be used to advertise a public event. The email itself clarified what the chalk needs to include in order to be elidge.“Any chalking must include, but also be limited to, the event title (seven words or less), location and time, and name of the sponsoring student organization,” the email said.The policy itself also states any student or registered organization who defaces, writes over, earases or impair the visibility of the message. In the policy written the University said “The university may impose disciplinary sanctions on an individual student(s) or registered student organization responsible for such erasing, removing, effacing, writing over, modifying, or otherwise impairing the legibility of any chalking.” The policy also states that any chalk not meeting these regulations will be removed by the University.The rule will be implemented on November 11 and the University has not stated when the interim policy will be lifted. However, the University has also expressed that they are looking intoa permanent policy.

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