Deep Valley – Sistrionix

Deep Valley

Score: 10/10

The vocals of Jack White and the instrumentals of The Black Keys in their early years from a very promising female duo. Deap Vally is a rock duo from Los Angeles, California and is comprised of Lindsey Troy (guitar and vocals) and Julie Edwards (drums and vocals). The two met at a crochet class in Los Angeles and I am glad that they put down the needles and picked up instruments. They soon after released their first single “Gonna Make My Own Money” to very positive critical acclaim and after a session of touring that included opening for The Muse, they released their debut album Sistrionix.

Sistrionix is everything that I could have hoped for and then some. Every part of the album is polished to perfection and leaves you wanting more. The vocals sound like a grungier White Stripes with a sound that only a female Jack White could produce. After getting the lyrics down for each song, you can’t help but sing along and get into it. The instrumentation of this album really sells their sound and keeps every song fresh and interesting while successfully getting the listener into the perfect mood. The guitars used for each track sound so dirty that they had to have been fished out of the dumpster before being played for each track. I mean that in the most positive way possible. The guitar parts of each song could easily stand on their own but then you would leave out some of the best drumming I’ve heard in my lifetime. Edwards shows no mercy when playing, she absolutely destroys the drums with how hard she hits. I would give specific examples from certain songs to back up my claims, but then I would have to list off every track. There is not a single track on this entire album that I didn’t love.

Deap Vally has a promising future and a new number one fan. I can’t sing my praises for this album loud enough but if anyone ask me for something to listen to I would recommend Sistrionix in a heart beat. I can only hope that the duo releases more great music and wait with cash in hand to buy it as soon as possible. Do not pass this album up or you will definitely regret it!

Tracks to check out: 1-11 (seriously, listen to the entire album)

Recommended If You Like: The White Stripes, The Black Keys, The Pity Party

Reviewed by Ethan Carney

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