Current 93 – I am The Last of All The Field That Fell

Current 93

Rating: 4/10

For a band with the word ‘current’ in the name, it certainly is fairly ancient. David Tibet has kept this name around for just over 30 years, and frankly, it is time to let what is dying lay to rest.

Don’t get me wrong–the music is beautiful. The piano floats ethereally above the wretched spoken word, and the drums, guitar, bass, and every other instrument featured does their best to supplement the chords, but nothing is enough to mask the screeching poetry that eviscerates your soul.

Nothing on this album is intrinsically awful; the lyrics are certainly interesting, as are the melodies, but together… I don’t even want to disgrace the english language with the sentence I would have to utter to portray my disgust. However, I could disgrace spanish, if I could speak it. But I can’t. However, I will supplement your imagination of this abomination with lyrics from the fifth song: “Cats who snuggled and cuddled me… knocked at the door knocked me onto the floor.” Keep in mind, Tibet decides to throw this in amongst ingenious rhymes such as, my favorite, “This is the shed/In which I keep the dead.”

If I had to offer advice to anyone on how to make a listener happy, I would explicate that if you cannot come up with enough words to fill eleven five-minute songs with poetry, please don’t. Especially if you have a voice like the vocalist on these tracks.

Just No.

Recommended Tracks: 6 –  the only track that features singing.

FIYL: Remember Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”? Remember one of the last songs, “The Trial”? Imagine that the predominant voice in that song decided to make music, FOLK music. Serious folk music about cats. If that sounds pleasant, go ahead.

Reviewed By: Kaitlyn Ouverson

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