Club Profile: GSTV

By: Ryan Pattee, Senior News Director

Like many clubs this year at Iowa State, Greenlee School TV (GSTV) has made adaptations to its program this year to combat COVID-19.

“GSTV, in general, is a club that is basically trying to run as a training ground for an actual production environment,” GSTV entertainment director Nick Demaree stated. The club plays host to three shows: Newswatch, InCyders, and Ames Tonight. The Show Newswatch, according to Demaree, is a news program where club members learn to run newsroom production, broadcast reporting, anchoring and camera work. InCyders is a sports program which covers a wide variety of sports related topics and discussions and Ames Tonight is a late night entertainment show that combines satirical news and sketches.

“We try to structure the club in a way that we have a live broadcast as close to an actual cable program as possible,” Demaree said. “We have positions that are reflective of the actual production environment, we have show producers, we have anchors, we have a crew who learn and run all the technical equipment for our broadcast.”

According to Demaree, GSTV will still operate this semester, in a remote capacity. How this format will look is still unknown to Demaree at the time of this interview. However, if you are interested in joining or learning more about GSTV, Demaree says to visit the student organization page and to contact Jared Bravard.

This article was one of many current and future articles highlighting clubs on campus that have changed as a direct result of COVID-19.

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