Review: U.S Girls – Half Free

U.S. Girls – “Half Free”us_girls_half_free_0915

Reviewed By: Jasmine Francois
Rating: 7/10

       As a whole, this album has an eerie vibe to it that puts me on edge.  Most of the songs are set in a minor key, and combined with Meghan Remy’s vocal style and dark lyrics, make me a little uncomfortable at times but in a good way. Although all the songs are unique on their own, ranging from lullaby-ish to salsa-inspired to classic rock, the instrumentals for some songs tend to get repetitive, making many of these songs not ideal for radio play (in my personal opinion).  However, this album is a great “sit down and think about your life” album. Good lyrics, weird feels, but overall recommended for listening.
FCC Violations: #3 Telephone Play No.1, #8 Women’s Work (although I’m 75% sure it says “son of a beat”
Favorite Tracks: #2 Damn That Valley, #4 Window Shades, #1 Sororal Feelings
RIYL: Santigold, Lana Del Rey, Kimbra

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